Which Turmeric Formula Wins Top Award?

Thursday, March 13, 2014
posted by Christian

Emord & Associates, is one of the nation’s premier constitutional and administrative law firms practicing before the federal courts and agencies who will be sponsoring it’s 20th Anniversary Gala Celebration in Cambridge Maryland September 5th and 6th of this year.  The Gala is entitled: “Sacred Fire of Liberty.”  According to the organization,   the event will be honoring selected  individuals who have been vetted by the firm’s Awards Committee, nominations resulting in the selection of a few individuals whom the committee believes are richly deserving of accolades for their extraordinary achievements. With the hundreds of different turmeric products on the market, which turmeric wins top award?  The nominees distinguished themselves by their achievements in fields of nutrition science, integrative medicine, product innovation, public policy, and journalism.

“Christian Wilde, it is my distinct privilege to inform you that Emord & Associates’ 20th Anniversary Celebration Awards Committee has selected you to receive the firm’s “Excellence in Health Product Innovation Award” honoring your research into the healing properties of turmeric and development of turmeric formulations. We are grateful for your contributions and are honored to be bestowing upon you this award.” So, now we know which turmeric wins top award.   The Gala event is by invitation only attendees, including members of Congress; Executives in the food, dietary supplement, and over-the-counter drug industries; Scientists and Integrative Medicine practitioners from around the world; prominent D.C. area constitutional and administrative constitutional lawyers; public policy leaders from across the nation, and prominent journalists in the health and general media.

The confirmed Speakers include:  Former Attorney General of the United States and Governor of Pennsylvania Richard (“Dick”) Thornburgh (Keynote Speaker); former Treasurer of the United States and Fox News Contributor Bay Buchanan; United States Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT); Young Americas Foundation Vice President, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia,  and Fox News Contributor Kate Obenshain; New York Times Best Selling Author and Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce; and Campaign for Liberty Vice President of Policy Norman Singleton. More on the product at http://abigon.com

Emord & Associates, has offices in Washington, D.C.; Virginia; and Arizona, the Martindale-Hubbell AV- rated law firm is sponsoring the event.









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“Danny Boy” Who Performs The Best Version?

Sunday, March 9, 2014
posted by Christian

No Saint Patrick’s Day would be complete without hearing the haunting words and music  of one of the world’s  favorite songs, Danny Boy. The mere mention of the song at any time of the year would   bring an immediate and favorable response as well.  “That was my father’s favorite song” or someone might say, “it was my mother’s favorite song” or “it is one of my favorite songs.” So you might have wondered, who does the best version of Danny Boy?

So where did it come from,  why was it written, when was it written, who wrote it and in  fact, is it  an Irish song?  Well it actually is not an Irish song although the Irish have certainly adopted it.  “Danny Boy” is considered  an unofficial signature song and anthem particularly by Irish Americans and Irish Canadians alike. Danny Boy was written as a poem  in 1910 by an English attorney Frederick Whetherly from Bath Somerset.  Besides his devotion to his profession of lawyering, he enjoyed his hobby, writing poetry.  It is popularly speculated  that the author wrote the song as he  envisioned a father expressing (perhaps for the last time) his love for his young son just before the boy goes off to fight in the Irish wars.

Believing he may never see his son again he begins by saying,”The pipes the pipes are callin, from glen to glen and down the mountainside. The summers gone and all the roses dying, its you, its you must go and I must bide.” the absolute emotion  expressed in  the second verse is particularly moving.  “But when ye come and all the flowers are dying and I am dead as dead I well may be, you’ll come and  find the spot where I am lying and kneel and say an Ave there for me, and I shall hear the soft you tread above me and all my grave will warmer sweeter be.  And you will bend and tell me that you love me and I shall sleep in peace until you come to me.”

Whetherly had sent the lyric as a poem to his sister-in-law Margaret, who along with her husband had migrated to America. She and her husband heard the melody being played in the Gold Camps of Colorado where many Irishmen had come to seek their fortune.  She later recounted how she continually found herself singing and matching her brother in law’s words to the melody of the beloved hyme, Londonderry Air.  She sent the music of the hyme to Whetherly in England and he too was impressed with how well the metric rhyme and music fit together. So, the pairing of the music and the poem together became Danny Boy, the song the world celebrates each March 17th. It has been recorded by over a hundred artists since  the first recording in 1915. You may hear a version that  has been reviewed as one of the top 6 at the end of this post.

As a professional singer over the years I have been requested to sing  this ballad  at various funerals.    I have never accepted payment and have considered it an honor.  Several years ago, I went to Ohio to sing at such a service.   After this particular ceremony a young lady and her mother came up to me, the mother firmly shook my hand and in a very sincere and tearful voice said, “you must promise to sing those two songs one day at my funeral.” So intense was her request that I tried to lighten the air with, are you planning on dying this weekend because I am flying back to  LA in the morning.  Not letting go of my hand she intensely repeated her request:  “You must promise me” and  I felt compelled to agree, yes  I would.  It was only a few months later that I got an email from the lady’s daughter (who had been with her at that service saying), “my mom died last night and you promised to sing two songs for her funeral. ”  (The second song was You’ll Never Walk Alone.”)  Yes, I  had definitely made that commitment to her mom.   Two days before the service,  I called musicians together and recorded the two songs she had requested. Http://www.abigon.com/christianwildemusic.html Two years ago I included the two songs in my CD.  Journey On Hold, heard here. This version has been aired on Coast to Coast AM, on 570 major radio stations  in the US and Canada each year on St. Patrick’s day since 2010.




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Can Stem Cells Help Me?

Sunday, February 2, 2014
posted by Christian

Embryologist Ian Wilmut, cloned Dolly the Sheep in 1967. In that same year one of America’s finest and well known actors, Christopher Reeve, the victim of a equine accident that had left him a quadriplegic,  approached congress asking for more money for embryonic research.  Have you wondered, can stem cells help me or where can I learn what progress has been made in the stem cell field?  What is working in stem cell research since  the world leader Sir Ian Wilmut’s  discovery with Dolly and what is not working?  Have you been hoping or praying  a particular stem cell breakthrough might  help you,  a family member or perhaps a friend? You may be wondering, can stem cells help  or can stem cells help my disease? Someone who is dealing with a catastrophic disease like MS, Parkinson’s, Heart Failure, spinal injury or any one of the cancers?  Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis, TBI or possibly  stroke? http://www.abigon.com/stmcelnewsltr.html

Were you aware that at the time of Dr. Carlos Lima’s untimely death two years ago, 170 spinal injury patients were walking or beginning to walk following a one time olfactory mucosa stem cell  procedure to the spinal cord? Have you been told  that more than 2000 “no option” heart failure patients have been set free of their disease in a one hour single stem cell treatment? The research has been done for you and can be found following the link above.



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Peyton Manning’s Stem Cells

Saturday, February 1, 2014
posted by Christian

The World Stem Cell Conference in Pasadena, CA, two years ago, opened with a huge frozen  graphic of Peyton Manning.  The picture showed Manning with his arm in a classic passing position.  The president of CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine) approached the microphone and said, (pointing to the picture),  we have to stop this!  He was referring to patients who have been going out of the country to have adult stem cells applied in their treatment for serious diseases.  Not only had Peyton Manning gone to Germany to have stem cells injected into his spinal column after traditional surgery had failed to correct his neck problem but NBA great Jason Kidd, Aaron Curry of the Oakland Raiders, LaRon Landry of the Washington Redskins and even golfer, John Daly as well as several others have received the benefit of cells they could not get in the US.  As we watched Manning in this last season with the Broncos, the playoffs and whether or not he wins the Super Bowl in 2014, the world will see his victory for adult stem cells.  peyton-manning–stem-cells  There are currently more than 100 chronic diseases being treated with the patient’s own stem cells and 4400 FDA trials in progress.  With 22M currently dying of heart failure perhaps this is the disease closest to getting full FDA approval, http://www.abigon.com/miraclestemcellheartrep.html

A congresswoman in San Francisco had strongly advocated the raising of 3B from California tax payers to fund a proposition 71.  The declared position of CIRM, California Institute For Regenerative Medicine was to discover cures for the major diseases like MS, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s and whatever else plaques mankind.  The congresswoman clearly stated, now that the government ban on embryonic research has been lifted, we can see the cures we have hope for.  The 4 major newspapers who had backed the appeal and helped get prop 71 funded have over the past two to three years asked questions like.  “Have the CA taxpayers been duped?” or “where are the cures we were promised?”  The truth is,  the vast of the majority of the 3B is gone and there is nothing in the way of a cure to show for it.  In the last year, the organization has finally turned to adult stem cells with the last of the money remaining.  Few people are aware that there are currently  4400 FDA trials showing great early success with this type of stem cell but only two trials sanctioned, using an embryonic stem cell.

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Peyton Manning’s Adult Stem Cell Victory.

Thursday, January 30, 2014
posted by Christian

Peyton Manning’s neck problems, according to his former coach, Tony Dungy,  began while Manning was with the Indianapolis Colts.   As  Dungy had told reporters,   Peyton’s neck problems began during a Washington Redskins game in October  2006. The neck  injury happened following a full out defensive blow that had removed  his helmet, the  blow was followed by a second high and intense hit. When Manning arose following the hit (according to his coach), his neck and arm were a source of  obvious and severe pain.  That apparently was the beginning,  as once a vertebrae is  damaged, it remains vulnerable and the weakness remains  forever.

Forward to the 2010 and 2011 seasons when additional blows to the quarterback’s neck exacerbated his condition but here began peyton-manning’s adult stem cell victory.   During those years, the reports were that Manning had sustained even more career ending injuries and the quarterback, low on options,  underwent subsequent surgeries to repair discs in his neck that were pressing on his spinal cord. The neck surgeries, as most people who have undergone one  will tell you,  offered only a partial fix,  but in Manning’s case  stem cells would provide the rest.

So how dire was Manning’s condition and what would be the risk of suffering an even more serious event if he chose  not to opt for surgery?   The answer would have to be very dire. Particularly  the way the game was played a few years ago before the league put in place stronger rules to protect the quarterback.  One more severe blow could,  at anytime, render someone in Peyton’s condition a quadriplegic,  paralyzed for life from the neck down. We all can too well  remember Christopher Reeve.

Time for a miracle and stem cells would provide it. Adult stem cells are the repair cells of the body and  in more than 4300 FDA trials today  are providing help for hundreds of diseases that are impacting families, including  heart failure, MS, Parkinson’s, joint diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s and autoimmune diseases of which the  public is generally unaware. Families impacted by chronic disease need to know what is being done currently.   http://www.abigon.com/free_news_report.html   Peyton Manning’s  Adult Stem Cell Victory is already in the record book whether or not he wins this year’s Superbowl.  This victory in overcoming his neck injury, which facilitated his coming to New York in the first place, is already a giant win for adult stem cell therapy.
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Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Heart Killer 1 in 500 Children Affected

Saturday, January 18, 2014
posted by Christian

People are absolutely amazed when I share the alarming information from the  American Heart Association and the Minnesota Heart Institute Foundation that a silent killer, called HCM,  affects 1 in 500 children and is the number one life threatening  disease of young people.  How often have you heard of a young athlete, who for no apparent reason and without warning, drops dead during a high school or even grade school competition? You might recall the basketball  athlete,  Hank Gathers, who died at 23 during a game or Corey Stringer or Louis Savino at age 15 whose had his attack while playing soccer, Scotty Lange, a 16 year old young man who died during football practice  in Orange County, or the Cardinal pitcher, Darryl Kile who died in his sleep from  hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which affects 1 in 500 children.   The examples go on in every sport, track, swimming ect.  The cause is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy  (HCM), a genetic heart defect that ocurs with a thickening of  the heart’s  septal wall and  affects evens the smallest as infant hypertrophic cardiomyopathy According to the CDC, 23,320 young people died from the genetic defect within a 7 year period.  Is your child or grandchild, sister or brother at risk of this killer?  http://www.abigon.com/page/page/448087.html The prognosis for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is good if it can be discovered in time.




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Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s

Monday, December 30, 2013
posted by Christian
Last year alone, Alzheimer’s cost the American healthcare system 200B and as baby boomers are coming of age, perhaps the biggest  threat to healthcare is this brain robbing,  Alzheimer’s Disease.  http://www.abigon.com/page/page/448087.htm What is misleading in the statistical amount spent on AD is the fact that an additional of 210B in expenditure went unpaid,  as it was donated free of charge by volunteer and  family healthcare givers. As the disease progresses, AD patients  need extensive care, supervision and eventually even 24/7 oversight. cholesterol and Alzheimer’s. You might be interested in learning the special  criteria by which the American Alzheimer’s Foundation identifies the 7 stages of this disease. If you would like to learn some of the cutting edge information on AD and what you can do to protect yourself and your family read, about to learn  from how UCLA researchers at the Geffen School of Medicine have found less than 1% of elderly villagers (over 65) have any signs of Alzheimer’s or even dementia.  Here is the good news, they found as did researchers from Duke University in North Carolina that the ancient spice turmeric keeps beta amyloid plaque (subject of the study we are reporting on) from forming in the brain.  It now appears from many studies that the answer for arresting amyloid plaque formation happens to be turmeric and as importantly, the answer to neutralizing the plaque in the event it has already formed, is also,  turmeric.
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Operation Wildefire Forest Fighting Task Force

Monday, December 23, 2013
posted by Christian

Senators John McCain and Diane Feinstein announce bill to add to the forest fighting air tanker capability. Congratulation to the two senators for the step in the right direction, however there is a different proposal which I have been making  since it won an award in CA more than a 15 years  ago. Operation Wildefire suggests a totally different approach that would utilize a much larger number of aircraft already retrofitted for fighting fires and would not require the millions in expense to modify the 7 Coast Guard C-130 air tankers as proposed in the Feinstein/Mc Cain plan. http://www.abigon.com/operation_wildefire.htmlOperation Wildefire  had, over the years, been presented  to at least 8 major newspapers  during severe forest fire seasons in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, CA. in hopes the news source would present the concept and the public would have had an opportunity  to evaluate their “common sense”  option.  Forestry in June of this year saw  merit in the proposal and aided the author in making a  presentation  to the 17 Governors of the WGA.  (Western Governor’s Association). Here is Operation Wildefire. Feel free to comment.


An Open Letter to the Governors of the WGA

June 26, 2013

  Presenting, Operation Wildefire,


A new fire-fighting concept, Operation Wildefire, having received an award from the California Resource Board’s Forum for Public Policy more than a decade agowas presented to Major General Frank Scoggins (since retired) of the Washington State, Air National Guard. Upon reviewing the concept, General Scoggins extended an invitation to the author to come to Fort Murray in Tacoma WA, to further discuss and evaluate the possibilities of implementing such a proposal. Following the meeting, it was suggested that the plan also be presented to the Major Generals of several western states for comment, which with the General’s help was facilitated.

While millions of acres of our valuable forestlands are destroyed yearly by fire, it seems we are forced to accept what may be an antiquatedfire containment protocol and an example, of a “too little too late” policy.We have had to accept the current process as normal, but with all due respect, without an all out, “first strike” air tanker capability, the current process may in fact be anything but normal. Operation Wildefire may therefore, be one concept, borne out of necessity.


It may be argued, the current approach, consisting of helicopter and minimal retardant and water dropping fixed wing aircraft often surrenders valuable time of containment in which a fire gains commanding and unrelenting control. Is it not here, at the outbreak, (particularly in those states with the least amount of resources) that critical time and advantage is so often lost?

Many believe, at this early point of containment, too few aircraft are organized and engaged in water and retardant drops. The situation is compounded when the limited number of aircraft is forced to depart the fire scene for refueling or reloading. Is it not here at this early critical stage where common sense would dictate an all out effort be deployed? An effort with adequate resource activated and involved to seize the advantage? Can we as a nation continue to abide the utter destruction of millions of acres of oxygen emitting forestland and the subsequent pollution, loss of timber, private property, human and wild life? There remains as well, the potential threat from those who would engage in a “destruction by fire” scenario. We are as a nation vulnerable to this possibility and perhaps more than ever before. The intent of this proposal is not to diminish the efforts of dedicated men and women of forestry who literally and heroically put their lives on the line year in and year out. Their task is becoming overwhelming and the object here is to seek a solution involving their continued contribution in conjunction with an earlier response from the military. Continuing to lose millions of acres of valuable forestland is not an option.



There is an adequate number of modified retrofitted tanker aircraft positioned on tarmacs of the Air National Guard units in several western states. It is suggested that certain of these units be mobilized and assigned to perform as part of a combined multi-state, airborne task force of 8-16 aircraft (to be determined by the National Interagency Aviation Coordinators with crews prepared to engage a fire or multiple fires in one or more states–not unlike the way they would approach a routine bombing mission in time of war.  This task force would not require a governor’s implementation of a state of emergency, but perhaps activated at PL3 in coordination with the NASF Fire Director stationed at the National Interagency Fire Center (to be determined). The Guard aircraft could depart from neighboring states to rendezvous with other units arriving at most fires within 2-3 hours. Or a second possibility (suggested by the General) of having a contingency of tankers and crews from the various states “lent” to the project and positioned at a central, strategic location if only during fire season. A task force at the ready that could be sent to any fire breakout spot in any state and is on target in a matter of hours. Isn’t it here at the outset, where so often thousands and thousands of acres of valuable timberland could in all likelihood, have been saved if enough air response had been organized and made available earlier? The task force could even be comprised of two air tanker squadrons, one from the military and another consisting of civilian air tankers. As the General had suggested, this advantage could also be taken to any state in the US within hours.


  The concept was also “brainstormed” with fellow C-130 commanders and crews at an annual meeting at Scotts Air Force Base in Missouri. The support for the concept was (according to the General) very encouraging with the following explanation.  The Guard’s involvement with such a project could not conflict with existing regulatory state and federal laws and certainly those governing private industry in regard to the extent of military involvement.  It was explained, the Guard serves at the invitation of the governor, state forestry and government. It would appear from the preliminary discussions among the C 130 crews from the various western states represented at the annual meeting, that if they were asked by forestry to perform more of an initial role in concert with the private sector and funding were made available, they would be agreeable to opening dialogue with the governing agencies as to how they might be helpful in providing even more tanker support and at an earlier point in the process.


 Very often jurisdictional boundaries and territorial limitations create bureaucratic “road-blocks” when it would seem that neutralizing the fire in the quickest possible time should be the  mandated objective.

Perhaps this task force would be recognized as a viable asset at both the federal and state governmental levels and given a degree of autonomy by legislative action to work with the appropriate agencies to accomplish the objective across jurisdictional lines. In all candor, what protection is there in place today to guarantee that the same states that have sustained recent untold fire damage will not face the same catastrophic  situation again this year or next? Are states destined to sit and wait for the inevitable to occur year in and year out relying on the same tried and failed approach to fire containment?  The logistics of implementing this proposal would be cost effective from several areas. To begin with, the aircraft have already been paid for with tax payer dollars and the cost of maintenance of the aircraft and equipment already budgeted. The salaries of the personnel are also paid, so this might not be an unreasonable proposition to implement, particularly when one considers the cost of the current alternative. The Waldo Canyon fire last year in CO, reportedly cost 453.7 M but does not include the actual cost of fighting the fires, what will be the cost again this year for the state’s fires? Many of us can still remember the devastating Oakland Hills fire years ago cost CA insurers $1.5 B  in property damage? At today’s dollar value it would the cost would have been 2.5 B.  A reasonable question we might ask, if this common sense  concept were in place today, might  it have already made a difference in containing this year’s California and Colorado’s fires and at a much earlier time to containment?

There is no doubt fires will continue as a natural occurrence but exploring newer concepts that would offer creative solutions to earlier containment would seem to be a prudent effort.  Ideally, if this proposal were accepted in principle by the WGA with details to be addressed over the coming year by the appropriate agencies, a pilot program could be in place and functional by next fire season.  The combined effort may well provide a viable solution to a very complex and costly problem.

2012 Federal Cost of Fire Suppression Only

Total Federal Cost (suppression costs) $1,902,446,000

Total number of fires 67,774

Acres burned, 9,326,238

Respectfully submitted,

Christian Wilde



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Hope for Heart Failure

Sunday, December 15, 2013
posted by Christian

The answer is yes, there is hope for you or your relative heart failure patients, regardless of how many heart attacks they have survived and even if the attacks have  occurred over several years.  The medical profession has always functioned under the available information that a heart damaged from a heart attack could never been repaired.  Once the heart develops scar tissue from the event and later becomes enlarged, there was nothing more to be done other than medications and possibly having implanted devices  such as pacemakers and defibrillators to help prolong the patient’s  life. Dr. Doris Taylor while on faculty at Duke University proved that theory to be false.

There are currently about 6M congenital heart failure cases in the US and an estimated 22 M worldwide. The life expectancy is 5.5 to 7.5 years from diagnosis.  So where is the hope, where is the answer to rejuvenating these damaged hearts and is it even possible to make these claims of restoration?  http://www.abigon.com/miraclestemcellheartrep.html and now you can read about actual  successful cases.

Again, the answer is yes, thousands have over the past 10 years experienced having stem cells extracted from their own leg muscle or from the bone marrow of a donor, multiplied by the millions in the laboratory and then injected by catheter into the damaged areas of heart muscle.  The procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour and is a minimally invasive procedure with the patient in a twilight sleep and released from the facility the next day. Too good to be true?  Twelve case histories of patients who had as many s 5 heart attacks over time who are today 10 years post treatment functioning as normal individuals completely free of their previous heart failure condition.  Christian Wilde’s book, Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair, carries their actual before and after stories to full recovery.  The Directors of cardiovascular stem cell therapy at 7 major universities who conduct the ongoing FDA trials for these “no option” heart failure patients explain the science behind the procedures.

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Health Benefits of Turmeric

Saturday, December 7, 2013
posted by Christian

It seems one cannot turn on TV, pick up a  health magazine or read a Sunday supplement section of their newspaper that some reporter is not proclaiming the almost  unbelievable health benefits of turmeric and it’s main component, curcumin. The fact is, some estimated 530 conditions are reportedly being treated with a spice whose history goes back more than 4000 years. Scientists from major universities worldwide have been studying health-benefits-of-turmeric and why countries whose diet is rich in turmeric have for centuries shown the least number of all cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease on the planet.  Medical centers have been experimenting with turmeric and it’ s workhorse component curcumin as adjunct therapy in treating cancer.  Findings from 8 university studies including UCLA have determined turmeric shrinks tumors by 81%. http://www.abigon.com/buying_turmeric.html All cancers are considered to be inflammatory based and turmeric shuts down turmeric’s main pathways of destruction.

People whose condition of arthritis  who deal with long term  joint pain and particularly those who suffer from any cause of  chronic inflammation may certainly benefit from the spice. All turmeric product is not alike.  Turmeric has a poor history of assimilation into the blood stream as 66%  passes through the feces and urine.  One  turmeric formulation that is absorbed properly is the Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula,  was just awarded the, Excellence In Health Product Innovation Award by Emord @ Associates. More information, how turmeric scientifically works and the benefits of turmeric , including how it causes cancerous cells to self destruct in a process know to scientists and physicians as appotosis, (cell death) and why the spice may offer advantages-of healthy-living for you and I.


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