Which Turmeric Formula Wins Top Award?

Emord & Associates, is one of the nation’s premier constitutional and administrative law firms practicing before the federal courts and agencies who will be sponsoring it’s 20th Anniversary Gala Celebration in Cambridge Maryland September 5th and 6th of this year.  The Gala is entitled: “Sacred Fire of Liberty.”  According to the organization,   the event will be honoring selected  individuals who have been vetted by the firm’s Awards Committee, nominations resulting in the selection of a few individuals whom the committee believes are richly deserving of accolades for their extraordinary achievements. With the hundreds of different turmeric products on the market, which turmeric wins top award?  The nominees distinguished themselves by their achievements in fields of nutrition science, integrative medicine, product innovation, public policy, and journalism.

“Christian Wilde, it is my distinct privilege to inform you that Emord & Associates’ 20th Anniversary Celebration Awards Committee has selected you to receive the firm’s “Excellence in Health Product Innovation Award” honoring your research into the healing properties of turmeric and development of turmeric formulations. We are grateful for your contributions and are honored to be bestowing upon you this award.” So, now we know which turmeric wins top award.   The Gala event is by invitation only attendees, including members of Congress; Executives in the food, dietary supplement, and over-the-counter drug industries; Scientists and Integrative Medicine practitioners from around the world; prominent D.C. area constitutional and administrative constitutional lawyers; public policy leaders from across the nation, and prominent journalists in the health and general media.

The confirmed Speakers include:  Former Attorney General of the United States and Governor of Pennsylvania Richard (“Dick”) Thornburgh (Keynote Speaker); former Treasurer of the United States and Fox News Contributor Bay Buchanan; United States Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT); Young Americas Foundation Vice President, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia,  and Fox News Contributor Kate Obenshain; New York Times Best Selling Author and Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce; and Campaign for Liberty Vice President of Policy Norman Singleton. More on the product at http://abigon.com

Emord & Associates, has offices in Washington, D.C.; Virginia; and Arizona, the Martindale-Hubbell AV- rated law firm is sponsoring the event.









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“Danny Boy” Who Performs The Best Version?

No Saint Patrick’s Day would be complete without hearing the haunting words and music  of one of the world’s  favorite songs, Danny Boy. The mere mention of the song at any time of the year would   bring an immediate and favorable response as well.  “That was my father’s favorite song” or someone might say, “it was my mother’s favorite song” or “it is one of my favorite songs.” So you might have wondered, who does the best version of Danny Boy?

So where did it come from,  why was it written, when was it written, who wrote it and in  fact, is it  an Irish song?  Well it actually is not an Irish song although the Irish have certainly adopted it.  “Danny Boy” is considered  an unofficial signature song and anthem particularly by Irish Americans and Irish Canadians alike. Danny Boy was written as a poem  in 1910 by an English attorney Frederick Whetherly from Bath Somerset.  Besides his devotion to his profession of lawyering, he enjoyed his hobby, writing poetry.  It is popularly speculated  that the author wrote the song as he  envisioned a father expressing (perhaps for the last time) his love for his young son just before the boy goes off to fight in the Irish wars.

Believing he may never see his son again he begins by saying,”The pipes the pipes are callin, from glen to glen and down the mountainside. The summers gone and all the roses dying, its you, its you must go and I must bide.” the absolute emotion  expressed in  the second verse is particularly moving.  “But when ye come and all the flowers are dying and I am dead as dead I well may be, you’ll come and  find the spot where I am lying and kneel and say an Ave there for me, and I shall hear the soft you tread above me and all my grave will warmer sweeter be.  And you will bend and tell me that you love me and I shall sleep in peace until you come to me.”

Whetherly had sent the lyric as a poem to his sister-in-law Margaret, who along with her husband had migrated to America. She and her husband heard the melody being played in the Gold Camps of Colorado where many Irishmen had come to seek their fortune.  She later recounted how she continually found herself singing and matching her brother in law’s words to the melody of the beloved hyme, Londonderry Air.  She sent the music of the hyme to Whetherly in England and he too was impressed with how well the metric rhyme and music fit together. So, the pairing of the music and the poem together became Danny Boy, the song the world celebrates each March 17th. It has been recorded by over a hundred artists since  the first recording in 1915. You may hear a version that  has been reviewed as one of the top 6 at the end of this post.

As a professional singer over the years I have been requested to sing  this ballad  at various funerals.    I have never accepted payment and have considered it an honor.  Several years ago, I went to Ohio to sing at such a service.   After this particular ceremony a young lady and her mother came up to me, the mother firmly shook my hand and in a very sincere and tearful voice said, “you must promise to sing those two songs one day at my funeral.” So intense was her request that I tried to lighten the air with, are you planning on dying this weekend because I am flying back to  LA in the morning.  Not letting go of my hand she intensely repeated her request:  “You must promise me” and  I felt compelled to agree, yes  I would.  It was only a few months later that I got an email from the lady’s daughter (who had been with her at that service saying), “my mom died last night and you promised to sing two songs for her funeral. ”  (The second song was You’ll Never Walk Alone.”)  Yes, I  had definitely made that commitment to her mom.   Two days before the service,  I called musicians together and recorded the two songs she had requested. Http://www.abigon.com/christianwildemusic.html Two years ago I included the two songs in my CD.  Journey On Hold, heard here. This version has been aired on Coast to Coast AM, on 570 major radio stations  in the US and Canada each year on St. Patrick’s day since 2010.




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