The Hidden Causes Of Heart Attack And Stroke Book Is Introducing New Ways Of Thinking

Although I luckily have not struggled with heart problems yet, I do know many people who have struggled with heart disease, stroke, heart attack, and the like, even some of my own family members. My boyfriend’s cousin died from a heart abnormality at a very young age – just 35 years old. He passed away in his apartment and it was very sudden and unexpected.

My boyfriend’s cousin’s death really made me interested in learning more about the causes of heart attack and stroke and how to detect the hidden causes. I found a great book online that I heard many amazing things about, the book is called How To Detect And Neutralize Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke by Christian Wilde.

I have been reading the Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke book and gaining lots of valuable insight. I like that this book is a great resource for learning more about a subject that is vast and complicated. I have been introduced to some new and very valuable ways of thinking, which I believe is way ahead of its time. It has been nice to learn more about the health issues that are plaguing so many people today and to open my mind up.

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Immunotherapy For Cancer Is An Intriguing Topic

Reading about the latest developments in medical science has been intriguing and interesting and have given me lots of hope for the future. My mom is an OBGYN doctor and surgeon, and she has taught me a lot about the human body and about how to prevent and treat all kinds of health conditions. She has also sparked an interest in medicine in me.

Even though I did not end up making the decision to become a doctor myself, I have been interested to learn about the latest breakthroughs in medicine. My grandma passed away from cancer, and she developed it at a fairly young age. Cancer is something that really scares me and I have known several other people who have passed from it tragically besides my grandma.

Reading about clinical trials using immunotherapy for cancer gives me lots of hope for the future of cancer treatment. I have been reading about clinical trials of new treatments that target a patient’s immune system. These treatments seem to improving survival rates when it comes to cancers that are hard to treat. It has been inspiring to learn more about immunotherapy when it comes to fighting cancer and I can’t wait to read more about it.

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Heart Health Supplements For Giving Your Body Vitamins Critical To Heart Health

Maintaining a healthy heart is very important, and so many people struggle with heart health. However, there is lots of hope when exploring medical breakthroughs when it comes to heart health and supplements. Vitamin K2 has been recognized to support heart health and the cardiovascular system overall.

Vitamin K was first discovered by a Danish biochemist in 1925. Vitamin K2, not to be confused with vitamin K1, has now been shown to help guard against calcification, such as hardening in the arteries, heart valves, breast tissue, lungs, brain, and kidneys. The vitamin also supports the regulation of nutrients in bones.

Keeping calcium where it should be is very important, as calcium can find its way into soft tissues of the heart and into other organs. This might lead to long-term health issues. However, with the right balance of K2 MK7, that body can hold calcium in the bone so that it is not at all harmful. K2 is very important for heart health along with other nutrients. Heart health supplements are a great way to ensure that your body is getting these all-important nutrients that it needs. You can read more and find supplements for heart health on my website.

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Learning About Breakthroughs Such As Turmeric For Diabetes 2

There are tons of Americans who struggle with type 2 diabetes and a lot of people know someone or know of someone who struggles or has struggled with this health issue. My boyfriend’s dad developed type 2 diabetes in his older age and he actually managed to get rid of it with some big changes to his diet and with exercise.

I have been looking into the health benefits of turmeric and reading about them online. Turmeric may have some amazing benefits when it comes to treating type 2 diabetes and lots of other diseases. I have read how turmeric may help with different kinds of cancers such as breast cancer, as well as stroke damage, rheumatoid arthritis, and the list goes on.

Looking into turmeric for diabetes 2 has been interesting for me to do during my free time. Experimental treatments have always been intriguing to me and I am always open to learning more about them. I have heard about miraculous things being achieved with experimental treatments in the past. I am excited to see what kinds of breakthroughs are waiting for us in the future so that we can live longer and happier. It will be interesting to learn more as I explore the value of turmeric.

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Turmeric Possibly Has Endless Benefits, Such As Turmeric For Back Pain

There are so many amazing break-throughs in medical research and it is always interesting for me to hear more about them and to read about them. We can learn a lot from other people around the world about health. I have lived all around the world myself, and it has always been interesting to me to see how Americans struggle with health issues that others don’t struggle with and vice-versa.

Health can be closely tied to culture and what kinds of foods we are used to eating and how those foods are processed, and so on. I, personally, have seen the drastic difference between how Americans eat and live compared to people in other countries. I was born in Russia, and had what you might call a “Russian upbringing.” My parents cooked a lot of traditional Russian dishes growing up, even long after we moved to the US. The eating habits that I developed are so different from my boyfriend’s habits, for example. He was born and raised in the US. One example is that he doesn’t even think twice about using butter in a lot of his cooking. That, to me, is shocking, because I was taught to never use butter when cooking but to substitute with things like vegetable oil. My parents always hammered into me how awful eating butter is for your health and that you should avoid it except on very rare special occasions.

I have been reading a lot about the health benefits of turmeric and the amazing breakthroughs in medical research that have happened involving turmeric. I was intrigued after reading how Turmeric has been used for thousands of years to treat all kinds of health conditions in other parts of the world. Studies have shown that turmeric could help when it comes to turmeric for back pain, fighting some cancers, treating digestive issues, and so much more. Turmeric is used in Indian cooking as well as in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. I am curious to read more about the potential of turmeric for all of the health wars we are facing today.

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Vitamin K2 Supplement “The Forgotten Vitamin” and Calcification

In 1925, Henrik Dam, Ph.D., a Danish biochemist discovered vitamin K but it would take some 79 years for the nutrient to live down its dubious title as the “forgotten vitamin.” It is Vitamin K-2 menaquinone MK7 that is the subject of discussion here but not to be confused with K-1 which is involved in the clotting cascade. Vitamin K-2 has been a missing link that has now become recognized as an inhibitor of the formation of calcification and possibly as a reducer of calcification which medical science has always known to be a major contributor to “arterial stiffness” or what we so often hear described as “hardening of the arteries.” It is also calcification that accumulates on and destroys heart valves, lodges in women’s breast tissue, in lungs, brain, and kidneys.

Keeping Calcium in The Bones and Out of the heart? Finally, it is no longer a mystery how calcium departs the bone where it was designed to remain and finds its way destructively into soft tissues of the heart and other organs.

The leaching of calcium coupled with the ensuing deposits in soft tissues may lead to long term health issues. A proper balance of K2 MK7 helps the body maintain and hold calcium harmlessly in the bone. K2 is critical to heart health as are the 8 nutrients included in Christian Wilde’s, Heart Health Support formula. Christian Wilde’s Award winning Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula . Read more about the vitamin K2 supplement as well as other heart health support supplements on my website.

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New Early Warning Test For 8 Kinds Of Cancer And The Role Of Turmeric Health Supplements For Prevention

And haven’t we all wondered how lifesaving it would be if medical science could develop a test to detect cancer when it was at its very earliest beginnings? How many times does cancer go undetected until it becomes symptomatic and far advanced? How many times have physicians had to explain to their patient, “if only we could have found it earlier”? Think of the lifesaving possibilities this promising breakthrough test might provide? Eventually, it might be added to our cholesterol tests and bloodwork on our annual physical.

Here is an incredible non-invasive blood test that uses DNA algorithms measuring genes and proteins to detect 8 specific kinds of cancers and all at one time in the one test, and what is particularly impressive is that five of the 8 types of cancer – ovarian, pancreatic, stomach, and esophagus cancers – have no current tests of detection. Dr. Len Lichenfeld, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, was encouraged that the test did well on 5 cancers that have no screening tests available today. He said, If a blood test could find 98 percent of ovarian cancers at an early stage, as these early results suggest, “that would be a significant advance.”

The researchers caution patients to not start asking for the test with their doctors because the larger population studies are just beginning. In the meantime, prevention is key, read more about the role turmeric is playing in reducing your family’s risk of developing this disease. You can find turmeric health supplements and more on my website.

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Turmeric Supplements Hold the Newest Hope in War on Cancer

Haven’t we all wondered at one time or another how lifesaving it would be if medical science could develop blood tests that would detect cancer when it was at its very earliest and treatable stage? Or, how revolutionary it would be if doctors were given a tool that would eliminate the devastating words so often shared with a patient: “if only we could have found it earlier.” Think of the lifesaving possibilities, particularly when we consider the statistics that one out of two men and one in three women will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime.

In a preliminary study, the test we are speaking of already has shown how it can successfully indicate the presence of eight different types of cancer including ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic, esophageal, bowel, lung, and breast at their earliest stage indication. Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society, was encouraged that the test also did well on five cancers that have no current screening tests available today. He said, “If a blood test could find 98% of ovarian cancers at an early stage, as these early results suggest, that would be a significant advance.”

The researchers caution the test will not be available at your physician’s office for a few more years until an expanded trial is completed. To read more about the most promising cancer breakthroughs including turmeric’s role in prevention and treatment of cancer, take a look at turmeric supplements, among other award-winning formulas on my website.

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