Can Stem Cells Help Me?

Embryologist Ian Wilmut, cloned Dolly the Sheep in 1967. In that same year one of America’s finest and well known actors, Christopher Reeve, the victim of a equine accident that had left him a quadriplegic,  approached congress asking for more money for embryonic research.  Have you wondered, can stem cells help me or where can I learn what progress has been made in the stem cell field?  What is working in stem cell research since  the world leader Sir Ian Wilmut’s  discovery with Dolly and what is not working?  Have you been hoping or praying  a particular stem cell breakthrough might  help you,  a family member or perhaps a friend? You may be wondering, can stem cells help  or can stem cells help my disease? Someone who is dealing with a catastrophic disease like MS, Parkinson’s, Heart Failure, spinal injury or any one of the cancers?  Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis, TBI or possibly  stroke?

Were you aware that at the time of Dr. Carlos Lima’s untimely death two years ago, 170 spinal injury patients were walking or beginning to walk following a one time olfactory mucosa stem cell  procedure to the spinal cord? Have you been told  that more than 2000 “no option” heart failure patients have been set free of their disease in a one hour single stem cell treatment? The research has been done for you and can be found following the link above.



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