Why Does India Have The Lowest Alzheimer’s & Cancer?

Last year alone Alzheimer’s Disease cost the US healthcare system over 200 billion dollars.  Well, that is not the whole of it because another 210 billion was an additional amount that went  unpaid for volunteer caregivers.  The Alzheimer Association predicts a healthcare expenditure of 20 trillion dollars by 2050!  This is more than our national debt as a nation.  So, looking at these incredible figures can we ask ourselves why the country of India does not have a problem with Alzheimer’s or dementia? http://www.heidi777.builderspot.com/buying_turmeric.html  The Geffen School of Medicine researchers at UCLA actually found that among certain villagers over age 65 in India only 1% showed signs of developing the brain robbing disease.  Literally hundreds of studies have been done that find the reason to be turmeric’s ability to inhibit the formation of beta amyloid plaque  and also,  turmeric for Alzheimer’s disease dissolving existing turmeric for Alzheimer’s disease.

WHAT CAUSES Alzheimer’s?  Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the formation of fibril tangles that form in the brain and in effect cloud the brain with beta amyloid plaque,  causing the brain’s memory to short circuit. http://www.heidi777.builderspot.com/buying_turmeric.html

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Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s

Last year alone, Alzheimer’s cost the American healthcare system 200B and as baby boomers are coming of age, perhaps the biggest  threat to healthcare is this brain robbing,  Alzheimer’s Disease.  http://www.abigon.com/page/page/448087.htm What is misleading in the statistical amount spent on AD is the fact that an additional of 210B in expenditure went unpaid,  as it was donated free of charge by volunteer and  family healthcare givers. As the disease progresses, AD patients  need extensive care, supervision and eventually even 24/7 oversight. cholesterol and Alzheimer’s. You might be interested in learning the special  criteria by which the American Alzheimer’s Foundation identifies the 7 stages of this disease. If you would like to learn some of the cutting edge information on AD and what you can do to protect yourself and your family read, about to learn  from how UCLA researchers at the Geffen School of Medicine have found less than 1% of elderly villagers (over 65) have any signs of Alzheimer’s or even dementia.  Here is the good news, they found as did researchers from Duke University in North Carolina that the ancient spice turmeric keeps beta amyloid plaque (subject of the study we are reporting on) from forming in the brain.  It now appears from many studies that the answer for arresting amyloid plaque formation happens to be turmeric and as importantly, the answer to neutralizing the plaque in the event it has already formed, is also,  turmeric.
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