New Early Warning Test For 8 Kinds Of Cancer And The Role Of Turmeric Health Supplements For Prevention

And haven’t we all wondered how lifesaving it would be if medical science could develop a test to detect cancer when it was at its very earliest beginnings? How many times does cancer go undetected until it becomes symptomatic and far advanced? How many times have physicians had to explain to their patient, “if only we could have found it earlier”? Think of the lifesaving possibilities this promising breakthrough test might provide? Eventually, it might be added to our cholesterol tests and bloodwork on our annual physical.

Here is an incredible non-invasive blood test that uses DNA algorithms measuring genes and proteins to detect 8 specific kinds of cancers and all at one time in the one test, and what is particularly impressive is that five of the 8 types of cancer – ovarian, pancreatic, stomach, and esophagus cancers – have no current tests of detection. Dr. Len Lichenfeld, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, was encouraged that the test did well on 5 cancers that have no screening tests available today. He said, If a blood test could find 98 percent of ovarian cancers at an early stage, as these early results suggest, “that would be a significant advance.”

The researchers caution patients to not start asking for the test with their doctors because the larger population studies are just beginning. In the meantime, prevention is key, read more about the role turmeric is playing in reducing your family’s risk of developing this disease. You can find turmeric health supplements and more on my website.

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