Heart Health Supplements For Giving Your Body Vitamins Critical To Heart Health

Maintaining a healthy heart is very important, and so many people struggle with heart health. However, there is lots of hope when exploring medical breakthroughs when it comes to heart health and supplements. Vitamin K2 has been recognized to support heart health and the cardiovascular system overall.

Vitamin K was first discovered by a Danish biochemist in 1925. Vitamin K2, not to be confused with vitamin K1, has now been shown to help guard against calcification, such as hardening in the arteries, heart valves, breast tissue, lungs, brain, and kidneys. The vitamin also supports the regulation of nutrients in bones.

Keeping calcium where it should be is very important, as calcium can find its way into soft tissues of the heart and into other organs. This might lead to long-term health issues. However, with the right balance of K2 MK7, that body can hold calcium in the bone so that it is not at all harmful. K2 is very important for heart health along with other nutrients. Heart health supplements are a great way to ensure that your body is getting these all-important nutrients that it needs. You can read more and find supplements for heart health on my website.

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Vitamin K2 Supplement “The Forgotten Vitamin” and Calcification

In 1925, Henrik Dam, Ph.D., a Danish biochemist discovered vitamin K but it would take some 79 years for the nutrient to live down its dubious title as the “forgotten vitamin.” It is Vitamin K-2 menaquinone MK7 that is the subject of discussion here but not to be confused with K-1 which is involved in the clotting cascade. Vitamin K-2 has been a missing link that has now become recognized as an inhibitor of the formation of calcification and possibly as a reducer of calcification which medical science has always known to be a major contributor to “arterial stiffness” or what we so often hear described as “hardening of the arteries.” It is also calcification that accumulates on and destroys heart valves, lodges in women’s breast tissue, in lungs, brain, and kidneys.

Keeping Calcium in The Bones and Out of the heart? Finally, it is no longer a mystery how calcium departs the bone where it was designed to remain and finds its way destructively into soft tissues of the heart and other organs.

The leaching of calcium coupled with the ensuing deposits in soft tissues may lead to long term health issues. A proper balance of K2 MK7 helps the body maintain and hold calcium harmlessly in the bone. K2 is critical to heart health as are the 8 nutrients included in Christian Wilde’s, Heart Health Support formula. Christian Wilde’s Award winning Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula . Read more about the vitamin K2 supplement as well as other heart health support supplements on my website.

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