Stem Cells For Heart Patients

This may be the most important welcomed health news your friend or family member may have heard. Now there is proven hope for rejuvenating someone’s heart if they have had one or even more heart attacks in their history.

There are currently 6M people in congestive heart failure in the US and 22 M around the world who suffer from heart failure with it’s 5 to 7.5 year general life expectancy.

What is congestive heart failure also called cardiomyopathy?  When someone suffers a heart attack, the left ventrical is damaged and weakened.  It is  forced to work double time in order to pump blood to the heart and to the  rest of the body.  As a result of this exhausting condition, the heart muscle itself detrimentally enlarges.

Medical researcher and author Christian Wilde wrote the first book on stem cells for heart failure, Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair and interviewed not only the 7 directors of stem cell cardiovascular therapy at 7 major universities but also interviewed the patients who in simple term  explain their before and after results. Truly amazing.  Here is hope for you or your loved ones.

What is this life saving stem cell procedure and where can someone read more about it and the actual case histories of patients who have had as many of 7 heart attacks only to be totally rejuvenated with a one time, minimally invasive life saving operation.  The first patient to receive his own stem cells was 34 years of age and had already had 4 heart attacks and 11 stents.  Today, 11 years later!  He remains totally active and repaired.

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Will Stem Cells Help My Disease?

It has been more than 12 years since we were told stem cell  help would soon be coming  for chronic diseases affecting families.  Where is the progress, what is working and what is not working?  What is the hype and where is the actual hope?

The Christian Wilde Stem Cell Research quarterly report  has for  several years been reviewing and presenting the information. The information shared with the public focuses on the  progress with  87 chronic diseases  (any one of which) might be affecting you or someone in your family. The information also covers 23 autoimmune diseases, including diabetes,MS, Parkinson’s, Lupus, diabetes, heart failure, joint diseases, arthritis, brain tumors and most cancers in ongoing FDA trials.

The author has also written the book on stem cells for heart failure  with contribution from 6 of the world leaders in cardiovascular stem cell therapy at major universities. Twenty two M people are currently dying of congestive heart failure around the world.  Wilde reports  on the ongoing   success with a one time minimally invasive stem cell procedure being done under the FDA.


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