Peyton Manning’s Stem Cells

The World Stem Cell Conference in Pasadena, CA, two years ago, opened with a huge frozen  graphic of Peyton Manning.  The picture showed Manning with his arm in a classic passing position.  The president of CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine) approached the microphone and said, (pointing to the picture),  we have to stop this!  He was referring to patients who have been going out of the country to have adult stem cells applied in their treatment for serious diseases.  Not only had Peyton Manning gone to Germany to have stem cells injected into his spinal column after traditional surgery had failed to correct his neck problem but NBA great Jason Kidd, Aaron Curry of the Oakland Raiders, LaRon Landry of the Washington Redskins and even golfer, John Daly as well as several others have received the benefit of cells they could not get in the US.  As we watched Manning in this last season with the Broncos, the playoffs and whether or not he wins the Super Bowl in 2014, the world will see his victory for adult stem cells.  peyton-manning–stem-cells  There are currently more than 100 chronic diseases being treated with the patient’s own stem cells and 4400 FDA trials in progress.  With 22M currently dying of heart failure perhaps this is the disease closest to getting full FDA approval,

A congresswoman in San Francisco had strongly advocated the raising of 3B from California tax payers to fund a proposition 71.  The declared position of CIRM, California Institute For Regenerative Medicine was to discover cures for the major diseases like MS, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s and whatever else plaques mankind.  The congresswoman clearly stated, now that the government ban on embryonic research has been lifted, we can see the cures we have hope for.  The 4 major newspapers who had backed the appeal and helped get prop 71 funded have over the past two to three years asked questions like.  “Have the CA taxpayers been duped?” or “where are the cures we were promised?”  The truth is,  the vast of the majority of the 3B is gone and there is nothing in the way of a cure to show for it.  In the last year, the organization has finally turned to adult stem cells with the last of the money remaining.  Few people are aware that there are currently  4400 FDA trials showing great early success with this type of stem cell but only two trials sanctioned, using an embryonic stem cell.

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