Alzheimer’s Disease (Is There Benefit From Turmeric?)

UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine has been very active in studying the phenomenon of why the country of India has been able to boast the lowest number of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia cases on the planet.  Of the many studies the researchers have performed,  (according to UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine)  only 1% of citizens over 65 show any sign of developing or having developed dementia or Alzheimer’s.   Researchers from Duke, UCLA and other universities have come to the conclusion that turmeric for disease prevention plays an important and effective role in both treating and preventing this memory robbing disease.   The scientific findings indicate curcumin’s ability to dissolve existing amyloid beta plaques (hallmark of the disease) and  preventing  amyloid plaques from forming in the first place. Researcher/medical health author Christian Wilde, has for over a decade been an ardent voice for turmeric’s many benefits as an anti-inflammatory in mediating against literally hundreds of medical conditions.  Christian Wilde’s Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula has just been awarded the Emord & Associate’s 20th Anniversary award for Excellence in  Health Product Innovation 

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