Turmeric Supplements Hold the Newest Hope in War on Cancer

Haven’t we all wondered at one time or another how lifesaving it would be if medical science could develop blood tests that would detect cancer when it was at its very earliest and treatable stage? Or, how revolutionary it would be if doctors were given a tool that would eliminate the devastating words so often shared with a patient: “if only we could have found it earlier.” Think of the lifesaving possibilities, particularly when we consider the statistics that one out of two men and one in three women will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime.

In a preliminary study, the test we are speaking of already has shown how it can successfully indicate the presence of eight different types of cancer including ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic, esophageal, bowel, lung, and breast at their earliest stage indication. Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society, was encouraged that the test also did well on five cancers that have no current screening tests available today. He said, “If a blood test could find 98% of ovarian cancers at an early stage, as these early results suggest, that would be a significant advance.”

The researchers caution the test will not be available at your physician’s office for a few more years until an expanded trial is completed. To read more about the most promising cancer breakthroughs including turmeric’s role in prevention and treatment of cancer, take a look at turmeric supplements, among other award-winning formulas on my website.

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